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Emergency repair and maintenance, across the entire state

Connecticut winters can be tough on even the best roofs, and when your roof needs some tender loving care, there is one better in the state than Rhino Roofing. From roofing repair to roofing maintenance, the team at Rhino Roofing has long been the premier choice, and we cannot wait to show you why.


Here are just a few of the great roofing repair and roofing maintenance services that we are proud to offer the entire state of Connecticut.


Leaks are always a bit of a problem when it comes to roofing, but luckily the team at Rhino has the experience and expertise to deliver a top end roofing repair and roofing maintenance service. Leaks are an issue as if missed or ignored they will cause serious damage to not only your roof but the structure of the home. Rhino is a leader in the industry in identifying and fixing leaks in your roof, and with our patches and repair work, your roof will be as good as new for years to come.



Cracks in the roof or roof line are never good, but with proper attention, it can be no big deal. Here at Rhino, we have been the go to experts in Connecticut for the repair and maintenance of cracks in your roof. We start by looking at the issue and recommend a few solutions to the homeowner. No matter if we are talking a quick patch, or something a little more serious, the fully qualified team at Rhino will ensure your roofing repair or roofing maintenance when it comes to cracks is done the right way each time.


The team at Rhino has been in the industry for more than a few years, and we are able to identify problems without an issue. We know the signs before a roof is damaged, and with our team of inspectors, you will be in good hands. When we arrive on scene we will work diligently to complete a thorough inspection of your roof. If we see any issues, we will chat with the homeowner or business owner to suggest some recommended solutions. We are not a company that will gouge our customers, instead, we want to ensure that your roof will stand up to the tough Connecticut storms for years to come. So, whether that is through a quick patch, or simply monitoring the roof, we will ensure you are kept up to date and will be able to find a cost-effective solution for the future of your building.




Now is the time to call the team at Rhino Roofing and see how they can help with your roofing repair or roofing maintenance job before the next storm hits!