The number of supposed commercial roofing contractors seems to continue to grow, making it more challenging today than ever before to select a reputable business. However, despite the number of ill-equipped roofers flooding the market, there are still plenty of valid construction experts. You only need to know the five keys to finding one of these legitimate businesses for your next project.

1. Permanent Address and Phone Number

The first thing the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends looking for are companies with a permanent address and telephone number. While several independent contractors use their mobile phone as their business phone, when you are looking for a company, find one that invests in their brick-and-mortar identity.

2. Business License and Tax ID

Next, make sure that the contractors you are comparing all have a business license and a tax ID. Most companies will be willing to share this information, mainly since these identifiers are typically found in any contract or agreement.

3. Certifications and Memberships

Next, expect most commercial roofing professionals and businesses to have additional certifications and to belong to professional organizations. While having a membership is not necessarily a requirement of a reputable contractor, it demonstrates a commitment to their craft and industry.

4. Experience and Expertise

Next, as you are looking for a commercial roof, don’t look for companies specializing in residential roofing. While there are similarities between the roofing styles, installations and materials may be quite different.

5. Referrals and Reviews

Next, don’t take a company’s word for its service and quality. Ask to see or speak to references. Also, perform an online search of the business and read reviews from actual customers.

Commercial roofing is a subcategory of roofing, and it requires specialized knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous contractors who like to play knowledgeable. Therefore, do your homework and speak to legitimate commercial roofers who understand the complexities of your project and business.

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