Have you ever considered the importance of your business’s roof? First, the durability of your roof’s materials and structure ensure the safety and continued operations of your business. Second, depending on the materials used, roofing can actually improve energy-efficiency, leading to reduce operational expenses. However, the essential element of commercial roofing is expected longevity because roofing is expensive to replace. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the leading roofing options for commercial properties.

1. Thermoplastic Material

Thermoplastic material, or TOP, is a versatile roofing system. While not the longest lasting system, at only two decades, TOP is suitable for varying climate conditions. Also, it is durable. TOP is exceptionally resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone and chemical exposure, meaning that this material is especially suitable for chemical plants and businesses.

2. EPDM Material

EPDM roofing is among the most expensive commercial roofing options for properties, but it is durable and versatile. Also, while it is initially costly, it is among the most repairable and installation-friendly materials on the market. Also, it is resistant to thermal shock and resists impacts like hail. EPDM is also engineered to handle immense stress, meaning that building modifications can be completed without compromising the effectiveness or integrity of the system.

3. Green Roofing

Next, green roofing is an environmental option that has been growing steam over the last decade. This system is comprised of a water-resistant membrane that is then covered in soil and vegetation. This style of roofing absorbs solar energy while curtailing global warming and climate change effects.

4. Photovoltaic

Another environmentally-friendly option is photovoltaic solar panels. This system protects your business from water damage and simultaneously generates solar power, which can offset electrical costs. These panels can be installed as a roofing system or over existing materials.

Commercial roofing has evolved and provides a significant benefit to businesses that goes beyond merely protective. If you would like to discuss roofing options for your business, then contact a professional and respected roofing contractor.

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